The Cane Straw Co’s New Website

Welcome to The Cane Straw Co and our brand new website!

After lots of hard work, we are incredibly excited to announce the launch of our new website!

We believe that every amazing drink should have an amazing straw but we kept on being disappointed when we were served a lovely milkshake with a soggy paper straw, or an amazing cocktail with a single-use plastic straw.  We thought there had to be a better solution….

So we went on a quest to find an alternative and were shocked at how simple the solution may be when we found Cane Straws made from plants, yes that’s right made just from plants.

Our straws made of plants are biodegradable and compostable, plus they are super durable and stylish. We use 100% plant-based material from renewable resources and try to help our supplier’s local farmers in Ukraine with their surplus of cane. Our goal is to create a zero-waste production and we make lots of small steps to contribute to sustainable development.

Our straws can be reused or tossed right in the compost bin after use. Unlike plastic straws and many paper straws, Cane Straws will break down naturally, returning to the circle of life.

We think they are so amazing that everyone should be using them and we hope you enjoy them too!

Many thanks

aka Top Straw